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3 Circumstances When Your Child Might Need Pediatric Mental Health Referral Service

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Some children experience emotional and behavioral problems that can be managed by parents and schools. However, some children need more intensive mental health services. Pediatric mental health referral services are designed to help families in need of mental health care for their children. There are many reasons why a child might need a pediatric mental health referral service, including when your child is having trouble at school or with friends, has started acting out, has become depressed, or showing signs of self-harm or suicidal tendencies.

16 May 2022

Restless Leg Syndrome Is A Sleep Disorder

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Even if you have been living with restless leg syndrome, you may not have realized that this condition is actually a sleep disorder. The condition does a lot more than cause discomfort in your legs. It also keeps you awake at night, which makes it one of the most common sleep disorders. Sitting still or lying down for a while can activate restless leg syndrome. This is what you need to know about restless leg syndrome, or RLS, as a sleep disorder.

16 May 2022

Guide For Those Visiting Urgent Care Centers For The First Time

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If you have a medical problem but you're not in danger of losing your life, you can visit an urgent care center instead of an emergency room. If you're about to visit one for the first time, you'll benefit a lot from this guide. Make Sure Facility is Well-Equipped to Handle Your Medical Situation There are a couple of reasons why you might visit an urgent care center for the first time.

12 April 2022

Things That Are Helpful To Share With Your Psychologist

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There are no "wrong" things to talk about during an appointment with your psychologist. These are your sessions, and you should feel comfortable bringing up anything you feel is worthy of discussion. But what if you and your therapist reach a point at which you're not sure what to bring up and discuss next? In this case, you may want to try sharing one or more of the following things.

9 March 2022

Your Child And Strep Throat: Frequently Asked Questions

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When your child comes to you with a sore throat, there are several possibilities for what is causing your child's symptoms and discomfort, including the common cold, flu, or seasonal allergies. There is another common cause of sore throats that you probably have heard of or even dealt with yourself: strep throat. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about your child and strep throat.

10 February 2022

Three Benefits Of Rehabilitative Care

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According to the World Health Organization, 2.4 billion people live with a health concern that requires rehabilitative care. Rehabilitative care is an essential healthcare service that helps you improve or restore physiological functions involving a disability, illness, or injury. The goal of the interventions utilized in rehabilitative care varies for each patient. For some, the objective entails full recovery to resume normal body functions. Others receive rehabilitative care to mitigate limitations associated with their disabilities.

11 January 2022

Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Portion Controlled Diet

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Controlling your portions is a great way to lose weight. By simply making sure you don't eat more than you need, you can keep your calorie intake in the appropriate range to lose weight or maintain weight — whatever your goal may be. Where some people struggle, though, is with sticking to the portions they choose. It can be so tempting to scoop just a little more onto your plate or to go back for seconds.

8 December 2021

How Foot Doctors Treat 3 Heel-Related Foot Problems

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It's no secret that wearing high heels isn't healthy for your feet. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people have to learn this the hard way. Several foot problems can develop after years of wearing high heels. Here's a look at the most common ones and how foot doctors typically treat them. Plantar Fasciitis The plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue that runs from your heel to your forefoot. When it becomes sore and inflamed, your heel and arch will tighten up and become painful.

8 November 2021

Lesser-Known Benefits Of Hiring In-Home Care For Your Older Family Member

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The key benefits of home care for older adults are obvious. A qualified caregiver is often better qualified to administer certain medications and treatments. You also get more time to yourself when a professional caregiver is taking care of your loved one. These benefits are significant, and they are often reason enough to hire an in-home caregiver. However, there are also some lesser-known benefits associated with this move. 1. Your loved one will get more interpersonal interaction

6 October 2021

4 Main Benefits Of Prenatal Care

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Prenatal care is a vital part of the health and wellbeing of any expectant mother. It can help to ensure that both the mom and baby are as healthy as possible before delivery, as well as teach some important life skills for new mothers. It ensures that the mother and baby get adequate nutrition, exercise, medical attention, and emotional support. If you're considering prenatal care, then it's important to know the benefits associated with it.

10 September 2021