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Neck Pain Treatments To Help You Avoid Surgery

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If you have struggled with ongoing neck pain due to a herniated disc or similar injury, then your doctors might be pushing you to consider surgery. In some cases, surgery really is the best solution for neck pain. But it is often worth trying other, non-invasive and less invasive treatments before you resort to surgery. Here are some treatments you may want to try.

Steroid Injections

A certain type of steroids known as corticosteroids can help reduce inflammation and also stimulate healing. One that's commonly used for musculoskeletal injuries, such as those that cause ongoing back pain, is cortisone. Your doctor would give you a shot or cortisone directly in the painful tissues. This brings inflammation down very quickly, which reduces pressure on nerves and can provide ample pain relief. Then, without the inflamed tissues in the way, your body can begin healing the injured tissues, which leads to a more permanent reduction in pain. 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is often seen as a treatment for back pain, but it can be incredible for neck pain, too. Whether or not your neck problem originates with your spine, tight muscles and tendons in the neck can pull your spine out of alignment, which only serves to make neck pain worse over time. A few chiropractic adjustments can realign the spine and put an end to this cyclical process, giving the injured tissues in your neck a chance to heal and become less painful. You do need to keep with it, though. If your chiropractor recommends coming weekly, do so. If they give you stretches to do between appointments, do those, too.

Dextrose Injections

Dextrose injections are essentially injections of sugar water given into the area where you're experiencing pain. This sounds strange at first, but there's a simple mechanisms by which they work. The injections trigger your body to think it is injured, and it then recruits lots of healing cells and nutrients to the area around the injections. Your body basically responds by healing those areas that were struggling to heal before, which eventually causes your pain to fade. Most people need several rounds of injections for complete healing.

All of these neck pain treatments have their pros and cons, but they are worth considering before you opt for surgery. Talk to your doctor or chiropractor to learn more about each option and how it might benefit you going forward. 


5 December 2022