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Restless Leg Syndrome Is A Sleep Disorder

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Even if you have been living with restless leg syndrome, you may not have realized that this condition is actually a sleep disorder. The condition does a lot more than cause discomfort in your legs. It also keeps you awake at night, which makes it one of the most common sleep disorders.

Sitting still or lying down for a while can activate restless leg syndrome. This is what you need to know about restless leg syndrome, or RLS, as a sleep disorder.

Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

Your sleep doctor may ask you about your symptoms. Often, people with restless leg syndrome complain of throbbing or pulsing in one or both legs. This can be annoying, but some people even feel significant pain as a result.

You may also struggle to fall asleep, which causes insomnia and stress. No matter how annoying your RLS feels, even a small twinge is enough to keep you tossing and turning all night.

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

So, what is causing your legs to feel like they are on fire, making it difficult for you to sleep at night? In many cases, genetics are the cause. Some people are more susceptible to the symptoms than others.

Some medical conditions, like diabetes, can be the cause of sleep disorders like this one. These disorders require medical intervention, but a sleep center may also provide some guidance.

Sometimes RLS is linked to the consumption of substances like alcohol or caffeine. Some medications can also cause this issue. Your sleep center doctor might advise that you change your diet to prevent symptoms from occurring.

How to Get a Restless Leg Syndrome Diagnosis

A sleep center can help you get a diagnosis. When you visit the sleep center, the doctors there will ensure that your restless legs are not linked to another sleep issue, like apnea or general insomnia. They will also help you get enough sleep through the symptoms.

Treatment Options for Restless Leg Syndrome

There are a few treatment options to consider, and a sleep center will help you arrive at the best option for your needs. Lifestyle changes are often the first suggestions a doctor will make. Medicine is also a possible solution, as you may need some assistance getting to sleep before the symptoms begin.

A sleep center should be your next stop, regardless of your preferred treatment option. A doctor will help you determine the cause of your symptoms and help you assess the next steps in your treatment plan.

Contact a sleep center for more information. 


16 May 2022