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Things That Are Helpful To Share With Your Psychologist

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There are no "wrong" things to talk about during an appointment with your psychologist. These are your sessions, and you should feel comfortable bringing up anything you feel is worthy of discussion. But what if you and your therapist reach a point at which you're not sure what to bring up and discuss next? In this case, you may want to try sharing one or more of the following things.

Situations That Make You Nervous or Uneasy

Are there certain situations that always make you feel nervous or uncomfortable? Maybe you always find your heart starting to race when you get stuck in traffic. Or perhaps you are always very nervous when you have to talk to your boss at work. If you tell your therapist about these situations, they can help you develop strategies for dealing with and managing your uneasy feelings. They may help you reframe the situations so they don't make you so uneasy, or they may give you exercises to practice to help re-regulate your emotions.

Relationships You Find Challenging

Even if relationship difficulties are not a key reason why you're seeing a therapist, bringing any relational issues to your therapist's attention can be really helpful. All sorts of mental health problems, from depression to anxiety, can bleed over into your relationships without you realizing it. Your therapist can help you understand how your relationship problems may be related to your own mental health struggles. They can then give you strategies you can use to deepen and improve your relationships.

Questions That Keep You Up at Night

Do you ever lie awake at night pondering certain questions? Even if you think these questions are entirely silly, consider sharing them with your therapist. Sometimes, simply voicing these questions out loud can help you move past them. Other times, having your therapist weigh in on possible answers to the questions can help stop your thought spirals. Your therapist can also work with you on strategies to help calm your mind and stop racing thoughts when you're trying to sleep. Bringing up questions that keep you awake is a good way to start this discussion.

Your work with a psycologist can be ever-evolving. Maybe one day, you want to talk about relationships, and the next, you want to discuss your sleep problems. What you learn when discussing one issue can be really helpful in dealing with other issues, so don't hesitate to bring up any of these things.


9 March 2022