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Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Portion Controlled Diet

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Controlling your portions is a great way to lose weight. By simply making sure you don't eat more than you need, you can keep your calorie intake in the appropriate range to lose weight or maintain weight — whatever your goal may be. Where some people struggle, though, is with sticking to the portions they choose. It can be so tempting to scoop just a little more onto your plate or to go back for seconds. Here are some ways you can practice better portion control and stick to it.

Put everything on a plate or in a bowl

Never eat food straight out of the package or from the pan you used to prepare it. There's just too much temptation to reach into the bag for a little more or to stick your spoon back into the pot for one more mouthful. It's a lot easier to exercise portion control if you measure whatever you planned on eating into a bowl or onto a plate and then enjoy it.

Put the rest away

After you portion what you want to eat into your dish, put the rest of the food away. If it's a dish you prepared, scoop it into a storage container and stick that container in the fridge ASAP. If it's a bag of crackers or nuts, fold the top over and stick it right back into the food pantry. Helping yourself to more now requires more steps, so you're less likely to do it.

Schedule something fun after you eat

Make sure you have plans scheduled for promptly after you're done eating. For instance, if you're going to eat at 5:30, make plans for 6:00. If you have something else to do, you're less likely to go back for seconds, destroying your portion control efforts. Instead, you will eat your desired portion, then get on with the next things on your to-do list.

Choose more filling foods

Each time you eat, make sure you have something high in protein and something high in fiber on your plate. Protein and fiber are both known to help you feel full. So, if you eat a good portion of these nutrients, you'll be less tempted to stray from your chosen portions.

The tips above will help you stay true to your portion-controlled diet. Before long, with good control, you should start to notice health benefits and improvements in your weight. For more information, talk to a health professional.


8 December 2021