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What Can You Expect From a Visit With a Psychiatrist?

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Mental health is intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Many people have feelings about seeing a psychiatrist, and often the images they have in their minds come from television and movies. In reality, visiting a psychiatrist can be quite different than you imagine.

So, what really happens when you visit a psychiatrist for the first time? Here's what you need to understand.

You Will Talk About Why You Want Help

One of the first things that will happen when you come into the office is to discuss your reasons for making the appointment in the first place. You will discuss what brought you into the office as well as what steps you have already taken to remedy these issues.

It will help you if you are able to verbalize your reasons for wanting to come into the office. You should be able to say something like, "I'm here today because anxiety seems to be interfering with my ability to live the life I want."

You Will Discuss Your Symptoms

Your psychiatrist may ask you about a variety of symptoms you may or may not experience. For example, if you come in talking about depression, they will ask you about symptoms so that they can narrow down a specific diagnosis.

You Will Discuss Your Medications

The psychiatrist will also ask about medications you are currently taking, including those not related to psychiatric conditions. Your mental health may be impacted by other medications, like birth control pills that impact your hormones.

Not only will medications potentially indicate that you have a specific concern, but your psychiatrist also wants to ensure that any medications you are prescribed in the future will not interfere with your current routine.

You Will Establish a Treatment Plan

If your psychiatrist is able to establish a treatment plan for you, you will discuss it. If not, you will work on a treatment plan in future sessions. The goal is to ensure that you begin a treatment plan and then adjust it as necessary in the future. You may find that you need to adjust dosages and medications to see the results you want.

Schedule an Appointment Now

The best way that you can begin making things right in your life is to kickstart your mental health journey. Making an appointment with a psychiatrist is a great way to begin your venture. Do not be afraid to schedule your first appointment with a psychiatrist.


10 June 2021