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Truly Convenient: Medical Supplies To Carry In A Convenience Store

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Being sick is an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. Seeking relief for symptoms can become troublesome when pharmacy locations or open hours are not convenient. While convenience stores are not pharmacies, they can still carry an impressive assortment of medical supplies that patrons may need at the time. Especially for situations where care is not available due to a later time of day, after pharmacy or grocery store closing hours, a convenience store may be the only option for those seeking relief. Ailments that do not require a hospital trip but can be alleviated by commonly-found healthcare items can be of great assistance to patrons who are feeling under the weather. Here are some considerations on what to stock in a convenient store that will provide immediate and safe relief. 

When it comes to what medicines to carry, drugs that require a prescription are obviously out of the picture. Over-the-counter pain relievers with trusted brands are a must, as these drugs not only help alleviate pain but can often be used in fever reduction as well. Since the common cold and influenza are other common illnesses that many experience, cold and flu relief drugs would be of great importance in warding off symptoms such as cough, stuffy nose, chills, and body aches. Allergy medications should also be included, especially during times of the year where higher pollen counts can be expected. Brands should be recognizable and trusted so that patrons know they are getting a quality product when it comes to relief. With this basic stock set in place, plenty of options will exist for the patron without becoming overwhelming. Providing child-safe versions of these medications can also be of benefit for parents seeking relief for their children. 

Another important type of inventory to consider when stocking up on health and medical supplies is equipment. This can include commonly sought-after bandages in various sizes, gauze, thermometers, and medication dispensers. Cuts and burns can be a common wound that patrons may receive, and supplying one's store with items such as Bandaids and gauze will allow them to heal their wounds. Next to these supplies should be antibacterial ointment to prevent infection and speed up the healing process. The inclusion of splints and safety pins will be appreciated, as wrapping a wounded appendage can sometimes prove tricky. Thermometers will be especially helpful for those who may have concerns over an elevated temperature. Dispensers, likewise, will be of great benefit for those who need exact measurements when it comes to dosage. For parents of children, specifically, medication doses must be as accurate as possible. 

By stocking the convenience store with these basic medical items, patrons will have a dependable source of relief right around the corner. Over-the-counter drugs will give immediate relief to those who need it. Also, stocking up on equipment basics such as thermometers, dispensers, and bandages of all kinds will help treat wounds and provide essential care to a loved one who is ill. With these items in stock, the store will truly be a source of convenience and quality. 

For more information about what you should have in your convenience store inventory, contact a local stocking service, like Instant Inventory Service.


29 December 2020