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FAQS About CBD Oil for Your Pets

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Supplements are an important part of many people's overall health routine. But, what about our pets? Are there supplements that are good for humans and their furry friends? The answer is yes. People have found CBD oil beneficial for health, and the same is true for pets.

How Does CBD Oil Benefit Pets?

People have found CBD oil effective for overall wellness support for pets. Studies find that CBD oil has acts similar in pets as it does in humans. This means it is safe and effective for some common pet issues for dogs and cats. For dogs and cats, the supplement has shown promise with several pet health issues. You can use CBD for pets to calm them, manage daily stress, or complement a regular wellness program. Like people, every pet is different and the results of CBD oil can vary.

How Is Pet CBD Oil Different?

Like CBD oil for humans, the supplement for pets is free of THC—the ingredient in cannabis that creates a high. The oil for pets is veterinarian formulated to ensure it is safe for your pets. So, for safety, makes sure to use only pet-specific supplements for care and comfort.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

As with any supplement, CBD for pets works differently depending on the dog or cat. The pet's size, shape, weight, age, and overall health determines who soon you'll notice results and how effective those results may be. In some pets, you'll notice effects after just one or two uses, but for some pets, it may take longer. This is because CBD oil has a cumulative effect and a full 30 days is usually needed. A month of consistent use can give you a good idea of how the pet responds.

What Is the Dosage for Pets?

CBD oil supplements come in different strengths. The dose given is based on the pet's weight. The package has dosage instructions, but you should always start with the lowest amount. Watch your pet and see how it responds to the supplement, and you can adjust the dosage as needed.

CBD for pets is safe. It also works the same in pets as in humans by stimulating the endocannabinoid system of the body. This system is found in every mammal and the differences in this system between humans and pets are minimal. So, it can work just as safely and effectively on both humans and pets.


26 October 2020