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Vision Therapy: 3 Benefits Of This Treatment

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If you have strabismus, double vision, a lazy eye, or a learning disability, don't give up hope just yet. Many individuals with these issues, as well as other eye problems, can benefit from undergoing vision therapy. This form of vision treatment is considered visual physical therapy and consists of exercising the eye and using equipment like eye patches or corrective lenses to strengthen the neural connection in the brain that are in control of your vision. If you have been contemplating this form of vision treatment, you should be aware of the benefits. Here are three of them.

It Helps You Avoid Surgery

For a lot of individuals, it is frightening to think about undergoing a surgical procedure to correct a vision-related problem. Plus, for some individuals, it is expensive. Vision therapy is a feasible alternative that is non-invasive and more affordable. On top of that, you don't have to worry about uncomfortable, irritating side effects or taking medications.

It Works for Adults and Children

It isn't uncommon for doctors to be willing to work with children on something because their brains and bodies are still developing so they are easier to change. Unfortunately, with adults, this is not the case and doctors often tell them that they need to live with the problem. This can be frustrating and disappointing. Thankfully, with vision therapy, this is not the case at all. Vision therapy is effective for individuals of all ages, offering hope and improvement of quality of life to all those who give it a try.

It Reduces the Need for Eyeglasses and/or Contact Lenses

Corrective lenses—whether eyeglasses or contact lenses—are designed to help improve an individual's overall vision, but they will not solve an issue. However, vision therapy is designed to work within the brain to boost eyesight without using these lenses. Though there is never a guarantee, many people are able to reduce their need of corrective lenses after undergoing vision therapy treatment.

For many, the benefits of vision therapy treatment are enough to make them want more. Whether you have heard about vision therapy and wanted to know more or you just want to improve your eyesight, vision therapy may just be what you need. Schedule a consultation with a service like Macomb Eye Care Specialists to learn more about vision therapy as a vision treatment and how it may be able to benefit you and your individual situation. 


23 October 2019