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How Urgent Care Centers Help Baseball Catchers With Broken Fingernails

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Being a catcher — no matter what the level of baseball — is never an easy experience. You may find that your fingernail breaks on you and causes you a lot of pain during a game. This situation isn't one that you should just try to manage without complaint. Instead, you should visit an urgent care clinic as soon as possible to get help.

Broken Fingernails Can Be Painful

If you caught a pitch from your pitcher improperly in your glove and broke a fingernail, you might be in more pain than you expected. Broken nails — particularly if they split or even shear away from the finger — may trigger a sudden shock of pain that can quickly travel through the body and cause a person to experience a variety of problems, including pain whenever they try to use the hand.

For example, trying to catch an 80–90 mph pitch may be quite difficult if you jolt a broken nail every time the ball lands. Even worse, you may experience a multitude of other issues that could trigger complicate health problems, such as infections that make your hand nearly impossible to use. As a result, you should seriously consider visiting an urgent care center when your nail breaks in this way.

How Urgent Care Helps

If you experience a broken fingernail and are worried about the pain it causes, you should contact an urgent care center right away. These medical professionals have years of experience helping people like you with difficult and painful situations. Their biggest skill is in addressing small things that emergency centers may not be able to work with, such as broken fingernails and other minor concerns.

For example, these professionals can examine a broken nail, see where it is likely to cause you pain, and come up with a quick treatment method. These concepts likely include pain relievers to manage your immediate suffering as well as wrapping the broken nail. In this way, the nail can be stabilized and you might even be able to get back out on the field if you're careful and stuff your glove with padding.

So if a broken nail is affecting your baseball game and you want to make sure that you remain competitive, seriously consider talking to a doctor at an urgent care center right away. These professionals will sit down with you and find out a solution for this health issue that doesn't cause you to experience any nasty side effects and which will get you back on the field quickly.


30 September 2019