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3 Effective Hair Restoration Tips For Men Dealing With Hair Loss

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As a man, dealing with hair loss can be pretty humiliating. This problem can affect many aspects of your personal and professional life. If you're looking for solutions in hopes of having thicker, better looking hair, then consider these hair restoration tips. 

Try At-Home Products

Before you start getting into advanced hair restoration techniques, start with some simple at-home products. There are many you can purchase today that have surprisingly great results. For example, aloe vera has been known to help with hair loss. It works by reducing dandruff and unblocking hair follicles. This allows hair to grow more prominently in areas that were blocked by oils.

Coconut oil can also help with hair loss. It contains natural fatty acids, which can penetrate deep within your hair roots and stop protein loss from occurring. The end result is thicker hair all throughout your scalp. Keep trying products until you find something that works. 

Take Prescription Medication

If you're looking for something that is perhaps a little more potent, you might consider prescription medication. There are actual medicines that can promote hair growth in areas where you need it. However, if you plan on taking this form of medicine, you need to remember certain protocol.

First and foremost, make sure the hair restoration medication is approved by the FDA. Otherwise, you're taking a risk with your health. It's also important to consult with your doctor first before taking this type of medication. They can help you choose an appropriate product and also break down its potential side effects. 

Utilize Hair Transplants

Probably the most direct way to deal with hair loss is to undergo hair transplant surgery. This is where they take sections of hair that are the thickest and then graft these sections to areas that are thin. Then, in just a couple of months, the grafts will take and lead to thicker hair.

It should be noted that hair transplants don't work for everyone. You thus need to go in with measured expectations. It's also paramount to find a qualified surgeon to carry out these transplants so that you improve your odds of seeing optimal hair restoration results.

Just because your hair is thinning and you're a male, doesn't mean you have to give up. There are plenty of hair restoration techniques out there. You just have to try different ones until you find something that works great long-term. Additionally, there are plenty of professionals you can consult with who can make this road to thicker hair easier overall. For more information, contact doctors about PRP hair restoration treatments.


28 July 2019