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Why Your Lab Needs A Laboratory Information Management System

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Laboratory information management systems, sometimes abbreviated LIMS, are a crucial component of any laboratory's process. A LIMS allows you to keep track of patient data and minimizes human error. Here are four reasons you should invest in this software if you haven't already done so:

1. Information will be easier to access. 

This is particularly useful for companies that utilize more than one laboratory. A LIMS will give you the opportunity to place all your test results and other information in a central database. If your lab is located in a single location, this feature is still useful; it will allow various staff members to access the same information from different computers, eliminating the need to send each other test results through email or other methods.

2. Processes can be automated.

Medical laboratories are bustling places. Several things are going on at any given moment, which means certain tasks can be lost or forgotten if you aren't on top of things. A LIMS allows you to automate certain processes. Ensure that patients are automatically notified once their test results are available. This can be accomplished seamlessly if your laboratory allows patients the ability to connect using a patient portal.

3. Equipment maintenance can be tracked.

All the equipment found in medical laboratories is very sensitive. It needs to be maintained properly in order to function at peak efficiency, especially since patients' diagnoses and health depend on it. Keep track of all equipment maintenance records on a laboratory information management system. Your system can also be used to flag machines for necessary repairs, alerting all personnel about the machine's status and its anticipated date of repair.

4. Samples will never get lost.

Most medical labs process a large amount of patient samples in any given day. Finding these samples can be difficult when relying on paper records. Navigate your storage area more easily using a LIMS. By inputting each sample into your laboratory information management system, you and all your employees can track its location as it goes through the testing process. Being able to easily find samples will save time, and it can help to prevent errors.

Take advantage of a LIMS in your laboratory. It can help keep your staff on track, organize your data, and keep your patients safe. Shop around to find the system that's best for your lab, according to the type of data you need to manage.


25 June 2019