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Artificial Vs. Natural Wrinkle Fillers: Pros And Cons

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Cosmetic surgery does so much to reshape the way a person looks. It can also be a huge self-esteem boost. If you are noticing a lot more lines in your face than you used to have, you might want to have some plastic surgery done, but you are worried about scars. Instead of a surgical procedure, try dermal fillers instead. Dermal fillers are injected under the skin and right into the deepest creases of the wrinkle lines. All you feel are the needle pricks, followed by some minor swelling.

There are two kinds of dermal fillers. There are all-natural fillers, and then there are the artificial fillers. The pros and cons of each are as follows.

Artificial Fillers

Artificial dermal fillers are comprised of medically safe compounds similar to plastics and epoxies. While that does not sound pretty, you cannot tell what they look like once they are injected under your skin. There is never any rejection with these fillers, although a very small percentage of people might have an allergic reaction. Sometimes the body dissolves and removes the artificial fillers from itself, in which case you would have to repeat the process sometime farther down the road. Artificial fillers have a more pronounced sculpted look than natural fillers, but they may be harder to manipulate after injection.

​Natural Fillers

​Natural dermal fillers are comprised of body fat. This fat can come from your own body, or it is harvested from someone else's body. Fat that has been removed from someone else's body is cleaned and purified so that it does not contain any disease or harmful bacteria.

A much larger gauge of needle is used because of the sizes of the fat cells, which means that you may have larger injection marks along your wrinkles in your face. Larger needles also means more swelling and bruising. However, natural fillers that are acclimated to your body (or actually com from your own body) are easily manipulated into shaping and plumping areas in your face. If the fat is your own, your body will not reject it. If the fat once belonged to someone else, there is a small chance your body may reject it and react negatively to it.

Another con of using body fat as a natural wrinkle filler or lip plumper is weight loss or gain. When you lose weight, the fat injected into your face will shrink, too. When you gain weight, those cells in your face will enlarge, giving you a slightly puffy or lumpy appearance. If you experience a lot of weight fluctuations, you might want to use the artificial fillers instead.


9 December 2018