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Have Your Dermatologist Handle Your Skin Tags Instead Of You

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If you've noticed skin tags around your armpits and other parts of your body, you might feel a little embarrassed about their presence and appearance and want to get rid of them. Online research can indicate that it's possible to cut skin tags off your body, so it's easy to plan a do-it-yourself approach with a sharp knife or even some fine scissors. While it's certainly possible to take care of this task yourself, you should set your implements down and, instead, schedule an appointment with a local dermatologist. Here are some reasons that this is the right approach.

Less Risk Of An Infection

Any tools that you'd find around your home to use for this job won't be properly sterilized, and this means that there's a risk of infection when you attempt this task yourself. Bacteria from the knife or scissors that you use can get into the tiny cut in your skin and lead to an infection, which may end up being serious. When you visit a dermatologist for this job, you can count on this healthcare professional using sterilized tools, as well as cleaning the area before and after the procedure, to ensure that the risk of an infection is extremely low.

You Could Go Deeper Than Needed

It's tough to essentially perform a minor surgery on yourself, especially if you're working on a part of your body that might not be easy to reach. For example, if you're targeting your right armpit and you're right-handed, you'll be working with your left hand — and this could result in you cutting yourself instead of simply slicing away the skin tag. When you leave this job in the capable hands of your dermatologist, you can be confident that he or she will only cut away the skin tag and not damage the surrounding skin, which will leave this part of your body to heal quickly and cleanly.

No Cutting The Wrong Things

Sometimes, moles can look a little like skin tags. You might actually have a mole in an area that you want to remove, but think that it's a skin tag. Moles are best to leave alone — you don't want to scratch, much less cut, at one of your moles. When you visit the dermatologist for your skin tags, he or she will be able to determine whether the issue is actually a skin tag or whether it's a mole. If it's indeed a mole that you're wanting to have removed, the dermatologist can talk to you about the process of doing so and schedule you to have the procedure.

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5 October 2017