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Dealing With Angle-Closure Glaucoma

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It can be very uncomfortable when there is an abnormal amount of pressure in your eyes. However, the most important thing that you should know in regards to the pressure is that it can stem from an eye condition being present. Angle-closure glaucoma is one of the eye conditions that can lead to a lot of pressure, and there are other symptoms that can develop as well. You must get your eyes examined by an optometrist as soon as possible if you suspect that glaucoma is causing the pressure, as it can lead to severe vision problems. Below, you will discover helpful information about angle-closure glaucoma.

1. Why Angle-Closure Glaucoma Causes Pressure

Basically, the reason why the pressure in your eyes points to angle-closure glaucoma being present is because the condition causes fluid to accumulate. The fluid accumulates due to it not being able to properly drain out of your eyes as it should. Unless the problem is treated by a specialist, the fluid will continuously accumulate and eventually cause you to experience numerous problems with your vision. The reason why the fluid doesn't drain out of your eyes properly is because the canal that is used for draining is blocked. It is possible for only one of your eyes to be affected by the condition.

2. Problems That Might Develop without Treatment

Although it is you have pressure in your eyes, it is also possible for someone with angle-closure glaucoma to not experience any symptoms. One of the symptoms that might develop is an excessive amount of pain in your eyes. The pain can be difficult to cope with because it never goes away due to the extent of pressure that is being caused from the accumulation of fluid. Another symptom that is associated with the condition is seeing circular rainbows when you glare at lights. The worst symptom of angle-closure glaucoma is bad vision, which can turn into blindness if you neglect to get treated.

3. How Angle-Closure Glaucoma Can Be Treated

There are a few things that a specialist might have to do to treat your condition. However, it depends on how far the condition has progressed, as well as the symptoms that you have. Being that eye pressure is one of your symptoms, intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction will likely be performed to get rid of it. Laser surgery and a prescription for eyeglasses might also be necessary. Find out if you have angle-closure glaucoma as soon as you can do the proper treatment can be done.

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4 July 2017