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Acupressure May Play A Role In Treating PTSD-Related Hallucinations

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Distinct and clear sounds may be easy to hear, but they might not be real. Auditory hallucinations do occur. People suffering from varying degrees of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could be suffering from auditory hallucinations, not something to be taken lightly at all. Due to the serious nature of PTSD, taking various steps to address the condition becomes a major priority among those wishing to alleviate the problems. Hallucinations are among those problems, and hallucinations. Acupressure has been employed in PTSD treatments and those undergoing serious treatment programs may find it valuable to explore trigger point therapy as part of the treatment.

Innovations in Acupressure and PTSD Treatment

The concept of integrating alternative treatment methods with traditional psychotherapy is not new. Years of consistent work of blending the two approaches together has led to interesting new paths in treatment. UCLA is home to a special treatment program for veterans suffering from PTSD. The treatment consists of a mix of psychotherapy, acupressure, and other Chinese medicine–based approaches. Others have explored similar paths for treatment. One interesting approach instructs patients with a "self-help" form of acupressure in which the patient taps acupressure points as a calming method.

Acupressure and Anxiety

PTSD is a form of anxiety, albeit a very severe form. Acupressure remains a popular form of anxiety treatment for those wishing to alleviate problems associated with stress. A simple path of treatment may be followed by undergoing acupressure treatment. Anything that curtails anxiety could reduce the impact of PTSD and auditory hallucinations. The key here, however, is not to oversimplify the process as PTSD is an extremely serious condition. Those concerned about PTSD should definitely speak with a psychiatrist or other mental health professional for a proper evaluation in order to determine a complete approach to treatment.

Following Referrals and Recommendations

The UCLA example does show there are mental health professionals who do integrate acupressure into their treatment programs. Meeting with a psychiatrist who can effectively treat PTSD and PTSD-related voices/hallucinations who can also recommend or refer a patient to an acceptable acupressure professional may be beneficial to those suffering from the condition. Treatment under a qualified mental health professional should help those suffering from PTSD immensely and working with an acupressure therapist could enhance the care. The key here is working with an appropriate acupressure professional like Academy Spine & Physical Therapy, and this is why gaining a referral is beneficial.


26 January 2017