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Tips For Hiding Your Breast Implants

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There is absolutely no shame in getting breast implants. Having larger breasts can make formerly very self-conscious women go from feeling shy and unworthy to feeling as though they are beautiful and on top of the world. However, breast implants can cause people to give you attention that you might not really want. This can be stressful and make you feel self-conscious again. Here are some tips for hiding your breast implants and then slowly revealing them so that the change is not sudden enough for you to get unwanted attention.

1. Wear Baggy Clothing

For the first few weeks after you get breast implants, wear baggy clothing that does not show off your figure as much. This is important because it will allow you to slightly mask the fact that your breasts have gotten bigger. This will buy you a little bit of time to slowly ease everyone around you into the way you look now. If you slowly start wearing tighter and more form-fitting clothes over a period of several weeks, then people will gradually get used to how you look now, and the change will not be as sudden and therefore will not be remarkable enough to comment on.

2. Consider Binding or Tight-Fitting Sports Bras

If you are especially worried about getting too much attention that you do not want, talk to your doctor about the possibilities of binding your breasts for short periods of time while you are at work or, barring that, wearing tighter sports bras. This will minimize the appearance of your breasts at first and allow you to maintain the way you used to look. Over the course of several weeks, you can gradually loosen your bindings or wear looser bras that will slowly start to reveal the true size of your breasts.

3. Practice Shutting People Down

Finally, consider not hiding your breasts at all. Practice a few lines in the mirror before you go back to work for your first day after the surgery that will shut down anyone's comments about your body. Some lines could be simply "you're being very rude" or "I don't appreciate and will not tolerate comments about my body." There's no reason to hide your new breasts so if you're confident enough in yourself, you should find it relatively easy to get through your potentially rude coworkers.

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3 November 2016