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Communication Breakdown: 3 Signs It's Their Hearing And Not Your Relationship

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In a relationship, there is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your words are ignored. Yet, it is common for communication to break down when a person has hearing loss. If your "honey do's" have turned into a lot of "honey whats," read on to find out if the following signs of hearing loss apply to your partner.

It's Hard to Understand Them

People often think about hearing problems as causing a person to have difficulty understanding other people's speech. However, a person who cannot hear themselves talking will tend to mumble or have poor volume control. Your partner may speak under their breath, fumble over common words or speak too loudly for a given situation. You may notice this type of behavior occurring more often in large crowds or in buildings where noise tends to bounce around such as in malls or large warehouses. When you confront them about their mumbling, they will be completely surprised since they sounded normal to themselves.

Their Hearing Aid Is Outdated

A few years back, your partner got a hearing aid and everything was fine. Now, however, it feels like you are back to the old days when they ignored everything you said. In this case, it's possible that your partner's device is no longer working correctly for their level of hearing. Hearing aid devices are constantly being upgraded due to new technology, and even older ones occasionally need to be repaired. Make sure to have your partner's current device checked periodically, and ask their doctor if a new type of device might be more effective.

They Ignore Everything Else

Observe your partner's behavior for a few days since it may be possible that it's not just you they are ignoring. A person with hearing loss may also forget to turn off the television, ignore the doorbell ringing and be oblivious that they left the water running in the bathroom. Connecting your partner's hearing loss to these annoying behaviors eases the frustration you feel while also pointing to an addressable problem that has more to do with their health than your relationship.

When a partner has suddenly flipped a switch, their baffling behavior can be damaging for your relationship. Help flip the switch back on by suggesting they get their hearing checked. This way, they can get a corrective device that will return the joy back to your relationship by alleviating those tiny annoyances.


3 November 2016