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Innovative Nanoknife Cancer Surgery Treatment Targets Tumors Directly With Irreversible Electroporation Technology

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Using a 3000-volt electric current via a Nanoknife, scientists have unleashed cancer technology's latest weapon to find and destroy cancer tumors that are inoperable. Surgeons note that they have used radiofrequency ablation to destroy inoperable cancers for approximately 20 years. That mode of therapy which heats up tumors until cancer cells die came with risks if tumors were lying close to a main vessel. NanoKnife poses no such risks, which bodes well for pancreatic cancer patients, and you'll be given the treatment by a radiologist. This treatment also does not involve any chemotherapy.

NanoKnife Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most devastating types of cancer. It was very tricky treating patients with radiofrequency ablation in the past, because the danger was always there that your blood vessels could be compromised. So surgeons now enthusiastically report that NanoKnife avoids the risk of damaging blood vessels or any of the organs lying near your tumor. The technology targets tumors directly with state-of-the-art and irreversible electroporation technology.

How The Technology Works

Cancer experts explain that NanoKnife uses irreversible electroporation technology with precise maneuvering, which kills tumors that are simply hard to reach at your body's cellular level. It's a unique science that enables radiologists to target the tumor site and treat it directly even if the tumor cannot be seen, since cancer cells are known to embed themselves under body tissue. 

Works Effectively For Metastasized Cancers

One interesting feature is the fact that NanoKnife works well for both primary tumors and tumors that have metastasized to other areas of your body. Right now, the technology is being used for patients with pancreatic, liver and kidney cancer tumors.

NanoKnife In Action

Industry professionals say that when you undergo NanoKnife surgery, you'll receive a number of quick electrical energy bursts delivered through electrodes that are placed during surgery prep. Experts note that the electrodes are usually placed in and around the tumor to destroy it. They want you to understand clearly that none of your tissues, veins or nerves will be compromised.

The actual treatment is said to be quite brief. Surgeons indicate that it takes approximately 10 minutes for the passage of energy into your tumor. Your surgeon will further inform you that, if you're having treatment for prostate cancer, NanoKnife will cause your prostate tissue to swell and you'll be required to temporarily wear a catheter to drain your bladder. Followup involves an MRI procedure that will be scheduled to take place between 7 to 10 days following surgery. That MRI measures the amount of tissue that was destroyed during the NanoKnife procedure.

For more information on NanoKnife surgery and to find out if this procedure is right for you, talk to a treatment center like ATLAS ONCOLOGY.


16 August 2016