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Keeping Your Skin From Aging During And After Menopause

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If you are currently experiencing the symptoms of menopause, you will find your body goes through many changes due to a natural shift in hormone levels. One part of the body that changes during and after menopause is the quality of the skin. Many women find that their skin will become drier and more wrinkles will pop up, giving an overall older look as a result. This is due to a reduction in the amount of estrogen the body creates, leading to the deterioration of the collagen in the skin as a result. To alleviate the appearance of aging of your skin, make an effort to care for it properly. Here are some tips to use to help decrease the look of aging skin during this time of your life.  

Protect Your Skin From Damage

To help keep your skin in the best condition during and after menopause, it is best to avoid damaging practices. Too much sun can cause a variety of skin troubles from burns to cancer. It is important to use sunscreen every time you go out into the sun to reduce wrinkling. While this is an important task to take at any time in your life, during your older years the effects of the sun can be more damaging to the skin as it does not give as much protection against damaging rays.

Avoid long hot showers to help retain any moisture your skin grabs from the water you use to cleanse yourself. Hot water will strip the skin of essential oils needed to keep it soft. Instead of scrubbing your skin to dry yourself after you bathe, pat it dry to help retain moisture. Add a creamy moisturizing cream to help keep skin supple.  

Continue A Healthy Lifestyle

When a woman reaches her menopausal years, it is more important than even to take steps in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Smoking can cause wrinkling around the mouth and eyes at a fast rate when collagen deteriorates beneath the skin. Since collagen is responsible for the plumpness someone has in their skin, it will become saggy and thin in areas where it becomes decreased. This will make wrinkles look even more prominent. Increasing your water intake and making sure to eat healthy foods will help keep your skin's condition in the best appearance.

Consider Hormone Therapy Treatments

If menopause is causing you to have additional symptoms to skin troubles, you may want to see a doctor to have an evaluation for the consideration of hormone therapy treatments. Some women suffer from dry vaginal secretions, loss of hair, reduced sexual desire, and hot flashes. If one of these symptoms are present in your daily life, having treatments to stabilize your hormone levels may be beneficial. These treatments often decrease the number of wrinkles one may get at this time. This, in turn, will reduce the appearance of aging as the collagen levels in the skin will not deteriorate as quickly. 


18 May 2016