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Gearing Up For A Big Event? How Can You Keep Your Psoriasis Symptoms At Bay?

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Suffering from psoriasis can be physically painful and embarrassing -- no more so than when you're wearing a revealing top or skirt and begin garnering worried looks or exclamations of "what happened?" However, covering yourself up during heavy psoriasis outbreaks may not always be an option, particularly when you're celebrating your own special day. Unfortunately, the stress associated with planning and pulling off a big event can often send your psoriasis into overdrive. What are some ways to reduce the visibility of your psoriasis during stressful or high-pressure events. Read on to learn more about your best long-term treatment options, as well as some more short-term fixes that will bring you comfort.

How can you reduce the odds that your psoriasis will rear its head just before big events?

Because psoriasis is essentially an autoimmune disorder -- your body's own immune system attacking healthy cells and creating itchy, scaly psoriasis patches -- it is especially susceptible to changes in diet, sleep, and stress levels. Unfortunately, this often means that your psoriasis worsens at the worst possible time: before an important work presentation, social event, or while you're already battling another physical illness that has left you run-down and without energy. As a result, it's key to take good care of yourself even during stressful times by eating well, drinking plenty of water, and doing your best to get enough sleep.

Many psoriasis sufferers have also found relief with immunosuppressant medications designed to minimize your immune system's "attack" response on your own healthy skin. With regular use over time, psoriasis outbreaks should lessen -- and the psoriasis patches you do develop should be smaller and less noticeable. These medications do have some side effects that may not make them appropriate for long-term use, but they can be a lifesaver for a period of time in which you're going to be attending multiple events at which you need to look and feel your best. 

What can you do to minimize the appearance of your psoriasis patches while wearing revealing clothing? 

Fortunately, there are now a number of medicated lotions and powders that can cause red, scaly patches of psoriasis to all but disappear. Cremes with zinc oxide as the active ingredient (similar to that used for diaper rashes or severe sunburns) can protect the skin and promote healing while creating a colorless "base" on which you can apply makeup. Mineral makeup powder can also be a great way to cover up psoriasis patches due to its increased ability to reflect light away from the skin. By doing a few test runs prior to your event, you'll be able to ensure you look and feel as confident as possible.

Talk to a professional like Henry D. McKinney M.D. for more information on how to treat your psoriasis. 


4 May 2016