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3 Red Flags That Your Loved One May Have A Prescription Drug Addiction

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When people think of drug addictions, many will think of illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin; however, addictions can also involve prescription drugs. Around 2.4 million Americans use prescription drugs in ways they are not intended for, and many of these individuals will develop an addiction for these drugs. If you suspect one of your loved ones may have this type of addiction, you may want to look for these common red flags.

Changes in behavior

The first thing to look for with any type of addiction is changes in behavior. Is this person acting different lately? Does he or she appear drowsy or out of it often? A person addicted to prescription drugs takes them because the person's brain is trained to think they are needed. Prescription pain killers stop pain, but they can also cause changes in personality.

If you also notice that your loved one is becoming neglectful when it comes to school, work, or other duties, this too can be a red flag of a potential drug addiction. Drug addicts have a hard time focusing on the tasks they are supposed to do, and this is because of the effects drugs have on the brain.

Faking injuries Often

A second thing that can often be a sign of a prescription drug addiction involves faking injuries. If your loved one is buying pills legally from a pharmacy, he or she will need a prescription each time the pills are needed. To get prescriptions, your relative may fake injuries, such as back aches or ankle sprains. He or she may go to a variety of different doctors, hospitals, and urgent care centers so that no one questions the frequent prescriptions for pain pills.

Financial problems

The final red flag you should know about is financial problems. Prescription drugs are not cheap, whether they are bought legally or illegally, and an addict will do anything necessary to get the drugs he or she needs. Because of this, the person might start racking up credit card debt or selling everything he or she owns. Eventually, the person may even turn to stealing just to have a way to obtain money for the drugs.

These are three red flags to look for if you suspect that a person you know has a prescription drug addiction. If he or she will admit to it and agree to get help, you can look into a center that specializes in substance abuse addictions, such as Arizona Consulting And Counseling Services


3 March 2016