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Three Questions To Ask Your Chiropractor During Your Next Appointment

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You can often maximize a visit to your chiropractor by being engaged and trying to fully understand this form of care. While it might be tempting to simply relax, let the chiropractor perform the adjustment and then leave the clinic to go home and rest, it's possible to get more out of the experience -- and speed up the healing -- by being engaged and asking lots of questions. Chiropractors, such as Dr. Paul Lyons, are trained in communicating with their patients, which means that your practitioner should have no problem handling any number of questions that you throw his or her way. Here are three things to ask your chiropractor during your next visit.

What Is The Best Way For Me To Help The Healing Process?

It's valuable to ask your chiropractor how you can positively impact your body's ability to heal. Patients who take the right post-appointment approach can often experience quicker results than those who ignore their chiropractor's instructions. You should expect your healthcare professional to talk about some ways that you can improve your posture -- and demonstrate these for you. It's also common to hear about different stretches and exercises that you can perform daily to strengthen your body's postural muscles to help keep your spine in its correct alignment.

Will I Need To Visit Other Health Practitioners?

It's ideal to talk to your chiropractor about any other health practitioners who might be able to complement the chiropractic adjustments you've been receiving. Some chiropractors will send you for a doctor's appointment to have an X-ray taken to note any changes in your spinal position, while others will use other health practitioners such as a massage therapist to help relieve your pain. For example, if your muscles are excessively tight and are limiting your chiropractor's ability to adjust your spine, he or she might suggest that you visit a massage therapist to help loosen your back muscles. Asking this question can not only help you understand what it will take for you to heal but can also help you be aware of additional therapies that affect your budgeting.

How Many More Treatments Will I Need?

While your chiropractor won't always be able to suggest the exact number of treatments you'll need to relieve your pain, you can expect that he or she can give you a fairly accurate estimate based on successes with other patients. Often, a chiropractor will suggest that you'll need a certain number of adjustments to overcome your discomfort but will give you exercises to perform at home that might reduce the number of sessions you'll need. Asking this question can help you be an informed chiropractic patient.


12 February 2016