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Never Worn Glasses Before? Here Are Four Reasons To Get An Eye Exam Anyway


If you have never had the need for eyeglasses, you may not realize that seeing an eye doctor can still be beneficial for your health. Here are some reasons to have your eyes checked, even if you think you see well.

Early Diagnosis of Eye Diseases 

You might think that as you get older, it is natural for you to not be able to see as well as you once did. However, you could be developing vision problems that are not a normal part of aging. Glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts are eye diseases that can happen to anyone. You don't have to wear glasses to develop these conditions and many others. An eye exam can help an optician diagnose eye problems early enough to treat them so that you don't have lasting damage in your eyes.

Treatment of Eye Irritation

Even if you don't need glasses or have vision problems, if you find that your eyes are dry and itch on a regular basis, seeing an eye doctor for an exam can help you. The eye doctor can prescribe eye drops to lubricate your eyes and stop the itching, and they can also ensure that there are not more serious problems that may ultimately affect your eyes and your vision.

Diagnosis of Health Conditions that are Not Eye-Related

You may not know this, but in some cases, eye exams can reveal other health issues that exist elsewhere in your body. For example, changes in the retina of your eye can show signs of kidney and heart disease. If an eye doctor sees signs of health problems you may be experiencing but are not related to the eyes, they can refer you to other medical professionals who can treat you so that your health improves.

You Might Need Glasses Now

Even if you have never worn glasses in the past, there is a possibility that your vision now needs correction. A good eye exam may determine that you do in fact need to wear glasses or contact lenses so that you can see more clearly. If you have headaches on a regular basis or work with computers for long hours each day, you may very well need some kind of corrective lenses and simply not know it yet.

Now that you know some of the ways seeing an eye doctor can be beneficial for your health, set up an eye exam. Be sure to keep your eyes as healthy as the rest of your body.

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14 September 2015