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Teen Acne Fighter: 3 Natural Oils To Fight Pimple Oppression

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A teenager must deal with school, chores, significant others and homework. Acne may be another issue your teen has to worry about. Talking with your doctor is an important step towards ridding your teen of this issue. But there are other things you can do. There are some commercially-sold remedies filled with unnatural ingredients, but the following options are natural and may work.

1. Pimple-Reversing Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes from a small tree--Melaleuca alternifolia--that mostly grows in Australia, which has been found to be very helpful in fighting acne.

The reason that tea tree oil works is because it contains several anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds, like terpenes. These compounds help kill any bacteria sitting on your skin that may contribute to your acne breakouts, which should be a good preventative measure. A study showed that the anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil lessened the severity of acne lesions and their sizes. And the size of a pimple or blackhead can make a huge difference.

2. Chop Acne Away With Frankincense

Frankincense is another oil that may help. The reason that frankincense is so powerful is because it contains several antibacterial and anti-inflammatory contents, like monoterpenes. The monoterpenes should help relieve acne.

You probably know that waging war against acne might leave scars and acne scars are hard to get rid of, but frankincense can help restore your skin to its former glory. Studies have shown that frankincense's cytophylactic nature can help cells heal, including your skin cells.

Remember to talk to your doctor before using this oil or any other if you are taking medication to make sure that it does not clash.

3. Acne-Kicking Geranium Oil

Acne has been linked to several skin-related issues, like an over-production of facial oils like sebum, which is where geranium oil is helpful. Studies have shown that geranium helps re-balance the oils being produced in your skin, which should reverse the amount of acne that attacks your face. Geranium oil can also help liven up your skin, so that should put back a healthy glow that might impress friends or significant others.

You should also know that geranium oil has cytophylactic properties, like frankincense, which should help you heal from any acne wounds.

Remember that these oils are only meant to be helpful and should not replace your doctor's recommendations, so always make sure to communicate with a family medical professional, such as those at Choice Medical Group. But, as you can see, dealing with acne oppression can be done with natural remedies.


20 August 2015