Preparing Yourself For A Long Hospital Stay

Welcome to my site about tactics you can use to cope with hospitalization. I am Edward Collins. I created this site after a long hospitalization left me feeling uncomfortable and dying to go home. I was ill-prepared for the lengthy stay at that facility. Despite my nurses and doctors’ best efforts, I felt lonely, bored and somewhat isolated during my stay. On this site, I will help you prepare for hospitalization well before you need your next medical procedure. Please come by my site daily to learn the information you need to know. Thank you for visiting my website about preparing for hospitalization.

Take A Look At Lifestyle Before Getting Artificial Nails


If you've been experiencing a lot of irritation and other problems with your fingernails, take another look at your hands—both what you do with them and what you put on them. If you have artificial nails and tend to bump the nails a lot, you could be contributing to infections around your nails, even if the nails look like they are not touching your skin. Artificial nails look nice, but they are surprisingly easy to mess up. Here are some ways to avoid problems with artificial nails to keep your skin and nail beds healthy.

Forget the DIY

Having a trained professional do your nails will reduce risks substantially. Good technicians have a lot of experience in placing artificial nails, and chances are they are less likely to slip up and misalign the nail. Repeatedly pulling off an artificial nail, even if the adhesive is not fully set, can traumatize the connection between your real nail and the nail bed.

Be sure your technician is fully licensed according to the standards in your state, and that they follow proper sterilization procedures. The Mayo Clinic warns that you should pay extra attention to the file, even going so far as to bring your own new file to the appointment.

Typing Types

If your job or leisure life includes a lot of typing, you might want to skip the nails or retrain yourself to type without hitting the tips of the nails on the keyboard. The repeated impact can loosen the fake nail slightly, creating an opening where fungi can live and eventually colonize your real nail.

Short Supply

Also take a look at getting shorter artificial nails put on. Super long nails might look neat, but they can interfere with daily activity, forcing you to hit the nails against surfaces and causing trauma to the nail bed. That allows bacteria in, where it can infect your nail beds and create a lot of irritation. Shorter nails make it easier to tilt your fingers so that the nails don't slam up against anything.

Breathing Lessons

Finally, let your nails take a break every now and then. Let your real nails grow out and have a dermatologist check out the beds to ensure they're still healthy. If you have any questions about how best to take care of your hands so that your nail beds stay in great shape, talk to a dermatologist now.


28 May 2015