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4 Surprising Ways You May Be Able To Get Free Or Low-Cost Hearing Aids

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If you are forced to deal with a hearing problem, it can affect almost every aspect of your daily life. From communicating with your family to driving, not being able to hear can create a lot of stress and struggle. Thankfully, hearing aids are usually an accessible option when dealing with problems with hearing. However, the costs associated with specialized hearing devices and aids is not always the most affordable. There are four surprising way you may be able to get free or low-cost hearing aids for yourself, or for an immediate family member.

From Elderly Advocate Agencies

If you have an elderly loved one who is in need of a hearing aid, but does not have the insurance or money to cover the cost, they may be able to get some financial assistance from elderly advocate agencies in your city. These organizations focus on making sure elderly individuals still live a fulfilling life and do sometimes help cover the costs of medical equipment.

Through State-Funded Insurance Programs

If you are a participant in a low-income insurance program, you may qualify for free hearing aids or devices. In some cases, even those with higher incomes can qualify for a medical subsidy that will help pay for necessary medical devices, such as hearing aids.

By Participating In Hearing Device Trials

From time to time hearing device creators and distributors have new product trials that are used to determine the function of their products before they are marketed. In some cases, these companies look for people who have hearing problems to temporarily use their devices and offer feedback. Talk to an audiologist about trials that may be available for you.

From Vocational Rehabilitation Services

If you have lost your previous employment due to hearing difficulties or you are having a hard time finding a job, you may be able to get help with the expenses of a hearing aid through your local vocational rehabilitation service. These services focus on providing working-age adults with what they need to get over obstacles that may be in the way of getting a job. Even though their main focus is on training and education, vocational rehab services also provide some relief for those with physical impairments as well.

Even if you do not have the money to purchase hearing aids on your own, there are several ways that you can find some type of assistance. If you are looking for help with the expense, be sure to talk to your doctor about programs and financial help that may be available where you live. If you are interested in finding out more about hearing aids, visit sites like


25 April 2015