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Prefabricated Homes For The Elderly

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Millions of elderly people now live in nursing homes, senior living centers, or hospice style care in the United States. The children of the elderly find that this can be expensive, and it makes visiting or finding time to be with their loved ones more difficult. A new trend is developing that gives seniors the amenities they need while being able to stay close to family and loved ones. Prefabricated homes specially designed for the elderly are becoming a popular new option that allows them to maintain freedom while staying safe.


ADU's, or Accessory Dwelling Units, have become a great option for elderly single people and couples. These manufactured homes are smaller in size and have many features that make them easier to clean and to function in. Some models come with modern medical monitoring equipment that can do things like monitor vital signs of the occupants and provide air and water filtration benefits. Perhaps the most important feature is that they can alert loved ones if there is a problem, allowing them to respond quickly.

Since ADU's are small in size and are prefabricated, they can be moved to almost any location. Many adults choose to place the ADU in their backyard, allowing their parents to maintain their own independence while still being very close by. Another benefit to this is that the children and grandchildren can visit any time they like without having to go far. 

How to get an ADU 

Since ADU's are much smaller and are already manufactured, they are reasonably affordable. The average small sized home is approximately $85.000, which is less than the cost of most nursing homes or other forms of long term care. Many elderly opt to sell their current home and apply any profit made to the cost of the new, smaller ADU. In order to obtain a unit, residents typically must apply through their locality and make sure the new unit will adhere to proper zoning procedures. 

Some cities allow for residents to apply for financial assistance to obtain an ADU. It is important to note that permits must be obtained for the construction and placement of these units. Some people opt to have them built on as an addition to their existing home while others choose to have them placed as a separate dwelling on or near their property. Be sure to check with your locality to find out what the requirements are and if you qualify for any assistance. 

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9 December 2014