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Daughter Getting Braces? 4 Ways To Make The Day Less Stressful

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Have you noticed that your teenage daughter isn't as happy about getting braces as she should be? After all, when she's done, she'll have perfectly straight teeth and a beautiful smile. She should be ecstatic about them. To help your daughter be more excited for her braces, try planning some activities with her. Here are a couple of ideas to make the big day less stressful.

Food Party

You know there are some foods that your daughter isn't going to be able to eat while the braces are on. This could be causing her some distress, especially if they are some of her favorite foods. Have a party and put all of her favorite foods on the menu. She'll enjoy knowing that you planned a day of food just for her.

Pampering And Pictures Day

Girls love to have their pictures taken. However, your daughter may have a difficult time getting used to big smiles once she has her braces installed. Plan a day of pampering and pictures prior to her orthodontic appointment. Arrange for a spa day for the two of you and then finish the day with a photo session. You'll be making fun memories with your daughter while she prepares for her braces.

Give Her The Star Treatment

Want to make your daughter feel like a star when she goes to get her braces on? Rent a limo and take her to her appointment in style. Not only will you both enjoy the ride together, but she'll enjoy the special treatment she receives on her big day. Once the appointment is over, she'll be able to relax in the back of the limo for her ride home.

Share The Experience

If you've been thinking about getting your own teeth straightened, you might want to consider making it a family affair and get braces yourself. Your daughter won't be so apprehensive about the experience if she knows that you're going through it with her. Many adults are waiting until later in life to have their teeth straightened. You can discuss your own options with the orthodontist.

Braces are an important part of dental care, especially when there are severe orthodontic problems. Teenage girls are often apprehensive to wear braces. They may fear that the braces will change the way they look. They may not want to give up their favorite foods. You can help your daughter prepare for her braces by planning activities that will help take her mind off the braces.



8 December 2014