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Surprising Habits That Can Harm Your Eyes: What You Need To Know

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Proper eye care is a vital, though often neglected aspect of your healthcare. While most people focus on maintaining a healthy weight and appearance, and try to prevent themselves from falling ill due to contagious illness such as the common cold or the flu, they do not necessarily focus on their eyes. This is a mistake, however. Maintaining your eyesight should be one of your top priorities. In addition to regular trips to the optometrist for comprehensive eye exams, there are other steps you can and should take to help maintain and protect your eyes and vision. In fact, there are several daily habits you may partake in that can be causing a great deal of harm to your eyes. Learn what these habits are, and try to adjust accordingly to better care for your eyes.

Skipping the Sunglasses

When you go outside in the sunlight, you may not always wear your sunglasses. Perhaps they do not go with your outfit, or maybe you just don't like wearing sunglasses. Whatever the case may be, not wearing sunglasses can actually be detrimental to your eye health.

Direct exposure to sunlight can be hard on your eye's lenses. In fact, cataracts can develop due to such sun exposure. The ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sun can cause other vision problems and disturbances as well.

So, invest in a pair or two of sunglasses that have the highest possible UV-rating. These glasses will filter the dangerous UV rays from the sun, and prevent eye problems and conditions.

Sleeping in Your Eye Makeup

At the end of the day, you may feel so exhausted that you collapse into bed before you even get around to washing your face and removing your eye makeup. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous for your eye health.

When you do not properly remove your eye makeup before you go to bed for the night, the makeup can actually smudge and run into your eyes. Particularly if you sleep in eyeliner or mascara, the likelihood of your eye makeup getting in your eye increases.

Eye makeup can cause damage to your eyes in several ways. First, the rough texture of the particles in your eye makeup can scratch your eyes causing temporary injury. Additionally, you run the risk of developing various eye infections if you get makeup in your eyes.

Rather than risk your eye health on a daily basis, try to remove your eye makeup as soon as you get home from your workday. That way you do not have to worry about it at the end of the night when you are so exhausted you can barely move.

Not Taking a Break from Screens

In today's technology-based world, people spend more time than ever before staring at different screens. Whether they are television screens, computers, smart phones, or tablets, these screens can cause you eye problems if you are not careful.

If you do not give your eyes a break regularly by glancing away from screens regularly and by taking regular, extended breaks (10 minutes or more), you run the risk of straining your eyes. Regular eye strain can result in permanent vision damage, chronic headaches, and dry eyes. Make sure to give your eyes regular breaks if you want to avoid such problems.

By eliminating or properly addressing such detrimental daily habits, you will be able to better protect your vision and overall eye health. All you have to do is stay mindful of your eye health on a daily basis, and make sure to make regular comprehensive eye exams a part of your healthcare routine. You will be able to prevent future problems and keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

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24 November 2014