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How To Alleviate Pain In The Arch Of Your Foot

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The shape of the arch of your foot can cause you to have pain for a few reasons. If the arch area is over-stressed from exercise or overuse, you can end up with sore feet. If you have an arch that is higher or lower than average, you will have pain as well. Here are some instructions that you can use to determine what type of arch your feet have and some ways that you can use to alleviate arch pain.

Checking Your Arch

There are a couple of ways that you can check the arch of your foot to see if it will need assistance in support. The best way to tell would be to get your bare feet completely wet and step onto an asphalt surface. You will be looking at the imprint that is left behind. If you can see the entire bottom of your foot, without any missing areas in the footprint, you have a low arch. If the print looks exceptionally thin, with spots missing along the middle portion, you have a higher than average arch. Another way to check your arch would be to do the same type of test in a doctor's office. An podiatrist or orthopedic specialist at Orthopaedic Associates Of Osceola or a similar organization would be able to help you with this.

How Can I Support The Arch Of My Foot?

To help relieve the pain in the arch area of your foot, you can purchase insoles to put inside your shoes. These are gel-like or cloth cushioning that will help support the arch and stabilize the heel of your foot, relieving pain in the process. Many people enjoy the feel of cushioning in their shoes and find that it is a huge help in keeping your feet from feeling pain.

You can purchase insoles in the foot department in a home goods store, or in a drug store. You would need to know what type of arch you have so that you buy the correct insole. If you would rather have an insert that is made especially for your foot, you can have them made special. You would need to see your podiatrist or orthopedic doctor to have them fitted and ordered.

There are muscle exercises that you can do to relieve the arch of your foot. Point your toe and then flex your foot, pulling your toes toward you. Doing this several times a day can keep your arch stretched. Wearing night splints can help to keep your feet in proper positioning to not put stress on the arches of your feet. Another way to get relief is to apply cold packs to the arch area. 


21 November 2014